Recursyv Deliver Integration No. 50 to the MSP Community

On May 10th, 2021, Recursyv delivered integration number 50 to the MSP vertical that they began specifically targeting with their platform less than 12 months ago.

CEO Paul Caudell commented: “The rapid progress into this market is predominantly a result of Recursyv solving a particular pain felt by most MSPs somewhere on their journey. That pain is the disconnect between the MSP and their customer’s service desk.”

The Recursyv platform alleviates this by allowing customers to log their support tickets in their existing application whilst in the background simply integrating them with their MSP. This provides seamless, bi-directional, case handling that keeps the two parties perfectly in tune with each other regardless of application.

Feedback from MSPs tells us that their services become far stickier when they are well integrated with their customer. The benefits of streamlining ticket creation and resolution between parties is evident in their reduced “time to fix” statistics as well as the time saved in eliminating double entry of data.

Here is what MSP clients say about our platform: G2 Reviews.

Recursyv look forward to delivering the next 50 MSP integrations and invite you to view our list of connectors.

To find out how Recursyv can deliver on your integration requirements and help you become part of your customer’s bigger picture, please contact us here: contact us.

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