Recursyv Ranked as a “High Performer” in G2’s iPaaS Software Category for Second Consecutive Quarter

Recursyv’s managed integration platform has been recognised once again as a High Performer for iPaaS in the G2 Spring 2021 Report.

G2 is a business product review and ranking platform for verified users to share experiences, thoughts, and feedback on various services and technologies. Rankings are based on how likely users are to recommend the service to others, satisfaction of users and the popularity of the product.


“The Recursyv team are again delighted to be recognised in the Spring 2021 iPaaS Report” commented Peter Newman, Chief Revenue Officer at Recursyv. “As we continue to grow our market presence and product offerings, we look forward to seeing more activity on the G2 Platform in the following months”


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For reviews of the Recursyv MiPaaS platform, please visit our G2 product page here: G2 Reviews.

Platforms are great, but people are better

Integration of disparate applications is problematic for many reasons and there’s various ways of going about it.

Firstly, a team may attempt to complete the integration themselves, which draws internal resources away from their day to day activities, which in turn might be valuable billable time for an engineering team. During this period, the nominated integration architect would have to evaluate different methodologies, with only a high-level idea or goal of what the final integration should look like. Once a decision is made, a learning process begins, whereby the architect is tasked with learning a new technology skill from scratch, new technical terminology and the intricacies of how to create a successful Integration.

There is a rule of thumb with integrations that follows the 80/20 ratio. The majority of the work is logical, and to a degree, easy to design and implement. The devil, alas, remains in the detail – i.e. the remaining 20% – the translation of data between the applications, the complex logic needed to maintain data integrity and the processes needed when something goes wrong.

This is where many internally driven projects come screeching to a halt. The outstanding 20% is often unattainable, resulting in an integration that does not meet the requirements fully, or has gaps and pitfalls. Often the benefits of the integration are almost completely nullified by the manual processes that are still required to ensure the correct data is where it is needed at the right time. It is at this point, with a lot of effort expended by the individual or team that the project is abandoned, or “put on hold indefinitely” to quote one of our customers after I described this scenario. I received the following comment from him that he had sent to his team:

The legacy project (for this integration) has been going for six months now and we don’t even have specifications yet, so using the 80-20 rule, this should take 2 years to get going properly if we decided to go internal.

Secondly, an organisation may wish to use a 3rd party platform to assist with the integration. Choosing a platform or provider is in itself a time consuming process, especially if they appear to be talking in a language from a different planet. That platform then has to be learned, and the architect is still responsible for the design, implementation and testing of the integration. After all, being provided with a platform is only a gateway to software to enable systems to connect. The platform doesn’t understand the way you use the specific applications, what you want to achieve or provide guidance on best practice. Help doesn’t come cheap either – many platform providers charge over $1000 per day for integration assistance, so in addition to paying for a platform, you have to pay more for assistance on how to use, manage and keep the integration optimised. When the original architect leaves and another takes over responsibility for the integration, confusion often occurs because the new owner almost certainly questions why things were done in a certain way. As a result, BAU updates and optimisations to the integration become problematic, especially as the platform provider doesn’t know either – they have provided software, not a solution.

To summarise, both approaches have their drawbacks, so Recursyv has a unique approach in assisting clients with Integrations. As we like to say – “Platforms are great, but people are better”.

At Recursyv we work to identify the requirements and document them upfront, providing guidance along the way based on our experience of applications, data, API’s (their strengths and limitations) and the intricacies of integration. Once a design is agreed upon, our engineers create the integration using the Recursyv platform and hand over a pre-built integration for testing and optimisation. When the final tweaks are made and tested (and there are always tweaks!) the integration can be unleashed on live production data. We find the best integrations are the ones you don’t notice, they just happen – you set it, then forget it. Full documentation is provided and retained both with our customers and in our encrypted environment, so if a change is required, or responsibility for the integration or application moves from one person to another, the answers to questions are a phone call or email away, not buried deep within an internal system, or the brain of somebody who is no longer with the business.

This human/technology hybrid provides many benefits – someone who knows ‘integrations’ is involved from the start, there’s a real person at the end of the phone to talk to, there’s no new platform to learn, no coding required and no management of API’s with vendors, to name just a few. It also works out vastly more affordable both in the short and long term.

Use cases are plentiful, maybe you have acquired another business and need to connect your service desks or CRM systems, or a mixture of the two? Often we assist organisations, especially in the MSP world, who need to connect their service desk with a customer or supplier’s, automating tickets and updates to meet SLA requirements and add value to their clients. Another large area of growth we are experiencing is in the business intelligence and data warehousing space, where multiple data sources are pooled into a single system to enable organisations to create reports with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

If anybody has any queries about integrations, we’d love to hear from you. Our engineering team and CTO love to discuss idea’s and challenges, so please do feel free to have a chat with us, we’re based in the UK, although we have instances of Recursyv and clients all over the world.

Recursyv Ranked as a “High Performer” in G2’s iPaaS Software Category

Recursyv’s managed integration platform has been recognised as a High Performer for iPaaS in the G2 Winter 2021 Report.

G2 is a business product review and ranking platform for verified users to share experiences, thoughts, and feedback on various services and technologies. Rankings are based on how likely users are to recommend the service to others, satisfaction of users and the popularity of the product.


“The team here are delighted to be recognised in the Winter 2021 iPaaS Report” commented Peter Newman, Chief Revenue Officer at Recursyv. “The incredibly positive reviews provided by our customers are invaluable as they are a testament to our obsession with delivering a market leading solution with excellent customer satisfaction. We are extremely grateful to all of our highly valued customers who provide feedback via the G2 platform”


For more information about integrating any applications, be they cloud-based or on-premise, please get in touch with us here: contact us.

For reviews of the Recursyv MiPaaS platform, please visit our G2 product page here: G2 Reviews.

Recursyv Announce App Connector for Datto RMM

Recursyv are pleased to announce the addition of a new connector to the already comprehensive list of available applications for the Recursyv Managed Integration Platform.

Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a fully-featured, secure, cloud-based platform which enables MSPs to remotely monitor, manage, and support every endpoint under contract, reducing cost and increasing service delivery efficiency.


For more information about connecting any applications, be they cloud-based or on-premise to Datto RMM, please get in touch with us here: be in touch.

For reviews of the Recursyv MiPaaS Platform, please visit our G2 product page here: G2 Reviews.

Recursyv Sponsors ‘In Reserve’ Podcast

Recursyv are delighted to announce our Sponsorship of the “In Reserve: The Prosperity Podcast”  – hosted by Michael.

In Reserve provides a guide to understanding how Reserve are helping citizens in countries suffering from hyperinflation, via the use of blockchain technology and a simple to use app, currently available on Android devices, and currently in beta testing in Venezuela, Argentina, Columbia and most recently, Panama.

Reserve has created a secure, stable, decentralised currency that provides protection against hyperinflation and enables low-friction, cross-border transactions, which are surprisingly hard to do in many cases today.

You can listen to the podcast here:

We wish Reserve great success in this altruistic endeavour to bring financial stability to those most at danger from the economic impact of hyperinflation and are looking forward to supporting Michael and In Reserve: The Prosperity Podcast for future episodes of this highly informative show.

Smart Decisions

It’s 2020 and business is tough. The world is in a state of semi-lockdown and confusion and making decisions is hard. In these sorts of times decisions need to be smart and targeted, and often no decision can be as detrimental as a bad one. Sales performance and forecast, forward order book, customer health and staffing are all critical factors in enabling business leaders to make decisions and make them considered.

Decisions made based on good data have been demonstrated time and again to have greater long term benefits that those made on gut instinct. In a data vacuum instinct is all you have and integration is a vital tool in eliminating those data vacuums.

Recursyv are helping Core to further improve accuracy of data across the business, and provide management information reporting to their senior management team (SMT). Core, like almost every business, have a number of systems serving different functions; CRM, finance, professional service management, helpdesk and HR just for starters. And also like almost every business, Core found that making data based decisions using the information in those separate systems was difficult and time consuming.

As Core’s integration partner of choice, they asked Recursyv to help bring those data together into one single standardised view. Recursyv’s platform is pulling data from those sources into a single cloud database to enable fast and reliable reporting, proving a single view on Core’s business. Information is now at the SMT’s fingertips enabling them to make smart data driven decisions.

Additionally, some of that information is being fed out to other systems in the ecosystem, meaning that manual data entry and its associated error proneness has been reduced and those previously disconnected systems are being kept seamlessly up-to-date.

The integration went live a couple of weeks ago and the SMT are already benefitting from great, up-to-date and reliable information.

Recursyv Reaches the Finals of the Prestigious Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

Visit for the full shortlist.
Surrey based Recursyv has been shortlisted for the “Data Excellence Award & Business Enabler of the Year Award” at the prestigious 2020 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards. Previous winners include fitness sensation Joe Wicks, Timpson CEO James Timpson OBE, DPD UK, Hotel Chocolat, dementia newspaper Daily Sparkle and online fast fashion success story Missguided.
Recursyv is a Surrey based data integration platform synchronising data between software applications for businesses all over the world.
Paul Caudell Recursyv CEO said,
“We are enormously proud to have reached this stage, which represents the culmination of our hard work and dedication since our inception.
“This has been a fantastic opportunity to put ourselves to the test against not just our competitors, but against the entire UK business community. The feedback we have received during the rigorous judging process has been useful to understand where we are as a business and in what areas we can improve.
“We look forward to attending the awards ceremony (in person or virtually) to celebrate our success with our team and the rest of the UK business community.”
“When it comes to business recognition, the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards are the ones to win. They allow any successful organisation to tell their story, from large private and public companies, to thriving entrepreneurial businesses, promising start-ups and established SMEs,” said Sarah Austin, Awards Director.
“Winning a Lloyds Bank National Business Award comes with significant business benefits, including increased brand awareness and reputation among customers and partners, valuable insight into best practice and employee recognition and retention.”
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Recursyv Seamless on G2


Recursyv are delighted to have a presence on, the market leader for users to share business software reviews in real time, with an average 5 star review!

Seamless users from around the world are reviewing our Managed Integration Platform, including Integrations of Enterprise Applications Including Microsoft Dynamics, Datto Autotask and the Freshservice suite of products.


If you would like to read the review of Seamless on G2, please visit our listing at G2 reviews.

A list of Integration connectors is available here

If you would like to discuss your Integration requirements in more detail, we’d love to hear from you! be-in-touch.

Microsoft lists Recursyv’s Seamless sync in AppSource


Recursyv’s Seamless sync solution is now listed in Microsoft AppSource, Microsoft’s marketplace for business applications. The AppSource listing gives Dynamics users the ability to access to Seamless’ Dynamics – Freshdesk sync solution from directly within their Dynamics environment.

This sync solution brings a Dynamics <-> Freshdesk field mappings template and associated business rules to Recursyv’s existing connectors for both Dynamics 365 and Freshdesk. Rolling out a standard sync can be achieved in a just a few hours. Adding requirements specific to any individual project can be quickly introduced to the sync. Common examples of additional requirements include adding custom fields, mapping of ticket assignment queues, mapping of ticket status values, etc.

This sync solution is now listed in the vendor marketplaces for both Dynamics 365 (AppSource) and Freshdesk.

Recursyv will continue to list a number of Dynamics integration templates over the coming months. These are built on the existing Seamless Dynamics 365 connector which enables Seamless users to integrate Dynamics 365 to almost any other business application.

What does this mean for users?

Dynamics and Freshdesk users can quickly rollout a system-to-system integration across these two industry-leading platforms. The format of the sync is documented and can be quickly extended/changed to meet specific requirements.

Additionally, the use of the Seamless platform means that you can extend the scope of the sync beyond these two systems into a massive range of SaaS applications.

“The Seamless sync just works. We are confident that we’re making the best decisions based on the latest data we have.

Simon Gammon, Technical Director, Nexus

Why would you need to sync data between these two systems?

The most common scenario for syncing data between a CRM (Dynamics 365) and a Support Desk (Freshdesk) is to keep Sales and Support teams in sync with each other.

The sales team wants to be sure that when they phone a customer, they have visibility of that customers’s experience. If the customer has had a number of problems, it will help the sales team to know this. Conversely, if no tickets have been raised, the sales team can have additional confidence that the customer is not having problems with the product.

The sync template allows the sales and support teams to capture updates on tickets which will be synced between systems. This means that all relevant customer interactions can be tracked in context, ensuring a richer and more meaningful customer experience of the support desk.


Editorial notes

Recursyv Seamless

Recursyv Seamless is an integration service that makes it easy to connect different software applications. Use Seamless to empower your users with the best information in the right application at the point of need. Seamless makes it easy to setup new integrations using a growing collection of app connectors. Seamless is provided as a managed service operated by Recursyv.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the world’s connected business cloud designed to help you better understand your business and act strategically to be successful. From engaging your customers, optimising operations, empowering your employees or transforming your products and services, Dynamics 365 gives you a deep understanding of your business to help digitally transform and achieve success in your own terms.


Freshdesk is the helpdesk platform offered by Freshworks. Freshworks provides innovative customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to acquire, close, and keep their customers for life. Freshworks SaaS products provide a 360 degree view of the customer, are ready to go, easy to use, and offer quick return on investment.