Taking a moment to celebrate the engineering


Since the beginning of the year we’ve been working on a particularly thorny deployment. An integration with lots of technical challenges which brought together many features of Seamless for the first time. Jon has been tucked away in “deep dev” mode and, as he prepared to put the integration into test, he wrote a wrap-up note for the rest of our team. The implementation validates a lot of the underlying engineering for Seamless. On reflection, I realised that this integration creates a lot of milestones.

Fixed IP address

Deployment onto a fixed IP address. It has always been possible (and, indeed, tested in dev), but it’s the first time we’ve done it in anger. It demonstrates our ability to talk to an on-premise system that has been configured to open its API to a specific IP address. … which is important because …

Ground-to-cloud / hybrid architectures

We have connected our pure cloud service to not one, but two, on-premise hosted systems for the first time! We’re keeping it real with ground-to-cloud.

Development tooling

We used our relatively new configuration export/import tool to get the config from the development environment over to the new production environment automatically. The tooling has been built to enable partners to support Seamless. Using it for a real-world deployment (rather than a test deployment) is another first.


Our second production environment. The first is a multi-tenant environment hosting many tenants. The second is a dedicated environment for a client that spec’ed as such.

Multi skilled teaming

Oh – and our engineer wrote his first blog post! To be honest, he didn’t know he was doing that. His wrap-up note for the week contained so much interesting material that it has been repurposed here.

In fact, it’s been such a big week that we gave him a week off.

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