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Recursyv’s team are the integration experts.  We have years of experience working with different architectures and approaches to solve integration challenges for a wide range of customers across a variety of types of applications.

We work with small businesses right through to enterprises and we understand the differing needs and demands that those styles of business have from both their technical solutions and the partners that deliver them.

Recursyv will work with you to help you get the best value from your existing IT investment and to ensure you can make smart decisions about your future spend.

To Integrate?

If you’re wondering whether integration is for you, we will advise on where you can gain value and where the costs and challenges may lie.

Often customers will save licensing costs and their users become more productive and better informed through improved access to good information.

At the same time, we won’t be afraid to tell you where integration is not the right fit or where perhaps we think an approach is not the best.

Technical Advice

If you’re thinking about implementing integration, Recursyv will be able to advise on some of the advantages and pitfalls of the various technical approaches that are open to you.  Where real-time integration might work and where it might not.  How messaging architectures can bring resiliency and scalability benefits.  Web-hooks vs. polling. 

We’ve learnt from our own mistakes and we will use that knowledge to help you avoid the same.

Implementation Advice

There’s many ways to go about any IT project, especially integration.  You can roll your sleeves up and build it yourself, you can buy something off the shelf, you can pay an expert to do it for you, or anywhere in between.  Recursyv will help you make the best choice and ensure that your time and money is well spent.

We know what it takes to design, build and operate an integration; it’s not easy but it’s what we do, so we will help to ensure that you succeed with yours.