The counter-intuitive benefit of shorter projects

As we’re working to build the partner network around Seamless, I am often talking through (what we believe to be) the benefits of using Seamless for delivery of integrations. We have a background in delivering IT change projects and one of our favourite Seamless benefits is that developing integrations becomes much much quicker. If we have a connector plugin already built, it is simply a matter of specifying the right fields and associated rules. If we don’t, we can often build one in under a week (assuming being reasonable API access).

For companies who make a lot of their revenue selling time (i.e. time taken by software engineers to build applications), it seems counter-intuitive that we’re touting shorter projects as a benefit. Er, what’s up with that?


Our response is simple: I’d rather you sold a 60 day project than lost a 120 day project to a competitor.

Our partners will be competing with any number of other organisations who will have different ways to deliver software. Today’s average user has experience of sophisticated web services and expects that software delivery companies can quickly connect up different services. Agile approaches add an additional dimension of expectation because clients expect to see phased delivery of packages of requirements.

Sure, reducing delivery time reduces upfront professional services revenue, but it makes our partners’ projects more commercially attractive. If this can be done in a way that also reduces risk (using technology that is proven to work) and increases flexibility (extendable plugins, a myriad of configuration options, etc.), then the offer becomes more attractive on day one (commercially) and over time (ability to adapt to inevitable business change).

Finally, let’s not lose sight of that fact that, over time, “lost” revenue may be recovered (plus more) through sharing of the subscription fee.



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