Data sync from zero to hero in just one week

Keeping a new Dynamics implementation in sync with a global enterprise service bus

Our client is a leading global provider of serviced office solutions. The company provides flexible workspace and serviced office solutions that free up their customers to work more effectively on what they do best.

Our client was rolling out Dynamics as part of a wider sales and customer service project.  The Dynamics implementation needed to integrate with an existing Azure based enterprise service bus. The project had been running for some time and the team had been struggling to make the transition from having designed an integration to getting it built and syncing data.

The Seamless solution provided an option to have data syncing within just a few days of Recursyv’s engagement.

By the end of the first week, the “integration pipe” had been setup (data was syncing). Very quickly the focus shifted from a technical challenge to a delivery challenge: ensuring that field mappings and transformations were accurate.

The Seamless Workbench allowed the project delivery team to own the ongoing configuration of field mappings and data transformations as the project progressed.

The initial integration scope went live with accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes and cases. The integration is currently keeping a dataset of more than 10 000 000 records in sync. As the project delivers subsequent phases, the scope of the integration continues to grow.

Focus on business requirements by reducing technical risk

The use of a proven technology meant that getting data to sync was quick and easy. The team could focus on realising business requirements rather than the more basic need to sync data back and forth.

Support agile project delivery

The ability to grow the scope of the integration (by introducing additional data entities, fields, sync rules, etc.) as the project progressed meant that Seamless was able to support an incremental delivery approach.

Industry leading cloud infrastructure

The service is built within Microsoft Azure, taking advantage of the resilience, scalability and security of industry leading cloud services.

Keeping business in sync with Recursyv Seamless
Seamless makes it easy to share data across different teams using different software

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