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Using Seamless to integrate Verdant's service management with a significant client


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"Recursyv’s sync has really helped us deliver an excellent service to a significant client. Recursyv made it easy to setup the integration and the sync has been trouble-free since it went live.” – Matthew Staver, Client Services Practice Lead

The challenge at hand

One of Verdant Services’ specialist offerings is supporting product lifecycle management software. As part of this service, Verdant provide support to a wide range of customers using these specialised applications.

It is quite common that Verdant’s client will run their own first-line helpdesk and a subset of relevant tickets will be handed off to Verdant for investigation and resolution.

There can be no doubt that automating the handoff of tickets from the client’s first-line helpdesk to Verdant’s second-line helpdesk would provide a faster and more reliable support desk experience.

Meeting the needs of a large grocery retailer

Verdant provide product lifecycle management software support to a national grocery retailer who have more than 8000 outlets across the USA. Developing new products for rollout to such a large network invariably requires considerable preparation through a structured development lifecycle. In such a complex environment, support tickets will be raised and Verdant want to address them quickly and efficiently.

Keeping tickets in sync across different systems

Verdant use Datto’s Autotask platform for managing their support desk while this specific client uses ServiceNow. Both are cloud delivered industry leading support desk platforms. The client required that both tickets and work orders be synced from ServiceNow into Autotask.

Verdant selected Seamless to enable them to keep their helpdesk in sync with their client’s helpdesk. Verdant were already using Seamless for syncing data between their helpdesk and their Dynamics CRM. From Verdant’s perspective, the Seamless service was already tested and reliable.


Seamless overview diagram


Recursyv provide connectors for both Autotask and ServiceNow. The Seamless tooling provides the flexibility to map ServiceNow Work Orders into Autotask tickets and keep them in sync over time.

Verdant’s support desk integration is setup to sync tickets and work orders from the client’s helpdesk based on assignment to specified Verdant queues. Tickets are then created in Verdant’s Autotask. Through the life of the ticket, Verdant and the retailer can update aspects of the ticket to keep each other informed. The sync frequency has been set such that Verdant is well positioned to meet SLAs for both acknowledgement and resolution of tickets.

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