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Feefo’s sales teams are using gamification to bring sales targets to life.


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"Using Seamless means we don’t feel constrained when we think about making changes to our business applications because we know that Recursyv are able to quickly make changes to keep the data flowing between systems." - Paul Greatbatch, IT Director

The sales team is already using Hoopla, a sales gamification and dashboarding tool, to provide live visualisations of sales progress onto a big screen. Feefo needed to introduce additional aggregations within the data in order to highlight specific measures within the organisation. Seamless is sourcing data within Feefo’s Microsoft Dynamics, aggregating it and posting it to Hoopla.

Hoopla screenshots

As well as sourcing data from Feefo’s Microsoft Dynamics, the integration performs some aggregations before updating metrics within Hoopla. New leads and sales will be up on the screens within a minute. Seamless is configured to look for updates every 30 seconds, new data is picked up, aggregated and published to Hoopla. The integration requires no user intervention. Recursyv proactively monitor for data load failures and inform Feefo if they have occurred. The service is built within Microsoft Azure, taking advantage of the resilience, scalability and security of industry leading cloud services.

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