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Using company data to enable rich customer interactions


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"The Seamless sync just works. We are confident that we’re making the best decisions based on the latest data we have.” - Simon Gammon, Technical Director

Nexus, a UK IT support provider, are a long-standing user of Autotask for operating their helpdesk service. Over time, their Autotask data grew to include a detailed understanding of the customer base. More recently, Nexus chose to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage their customer relationships. This includes building and managing outbound email campaigns, taking into account contact email preferences.

Nexus faced a significant data challenge

The bulk of Nexus’ data sits within Autotask, including all Company and Contact information. The front-line, using Autotask. is regularly updating the data based on client interactions. Additionally, Nexus have made some customisations to Autotask which allows their agents to capture service information. This information is integral to Nexus’ understanding of their customer relationships Finally, Nexus are acutely aware that in the GDPR era, respecting customers’ communications preferences is of paramount importance.

Nexus chose Seamless to sync data from Autotask into Dynamics

Recursyv prepared the integration based on their pre-existing templates for syncing Autotask and Dynamics. Additional fields were added to the scope of the sync to ensure that Nexus’ Autotask customisations would be reflected in Dynamics. With data in sync between the apps, Nexus can continue to take advantage of the strengths of each app. The support front-line continue to track their interactions in Autotask while the sales team always have access to up-to-date information.

Better decisions come from better data

Nexus are combining their rich customer data set in Autotask with the marketing power of Dynamics.

Best of breed business applications

Nexus are syncing data between two best of breed systems to take advantage of their respective strengths.

Custom sync fields

The Seamless templates were easily extended to sync custom fields from one system to another.

Keeping business in sync with Recursyv Seamless
Seamless makes it easy to share data across different teams using different software

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