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Advanced Solutions is one of the UK's leading independent software and managed service vendors with a turnover in excess of £200m, 20 000 customers and 2 000 employees.

"Recursyv helped us make a challenging problem go away. We can focus our efforts where they make the most difference – service our client rather than servicing the data.” – Alex Monfort, Client Account Manager

Advanced is leading multi-channel software and managed services vendor who offer IT support as a managed service. Advanced uses Remedy as their primary helpdesk management tool. In turn, one of their clients uses ManageEngine for their own internal helpdesk. Where tickets are being logged on Advanced's helpdesk, these need to be synced from Remedy to ManageEngine so that the onsite team can provide feedback to their user community as those tickets progress. Through the life of the ticket, it needs to be possible to update the ticket on either system and for those updates to sync between systems.


Remedy / ManageEngine


What is unique about this integration?

  The error handling includes intelligent routing. Data mismatch errors are routed directly to Advanced's help desk to either correct the source data or update the data mappings. Connectivity errors are routed to Recursyv for addressing potential service issues.

  The Seamless connector plugin had to be extended to normalise data after retrieving it. One of the APIs was taking too long to respond to a data request resulting in timeouts. With further experimenting, we learnt that requesting data in a flat structure was much quicker. In turn, Seamless' architecture allowed us to extend the connector plugin to normalise data after receiving it.

  This integration connects different systems from different vendors using different API architectures. The Remedy API is SOAP based. The ManageEngine API is RESTful. Seamless’ service bus architecture effectively decouples the integration into separate pieces meaning that connecting a SOAP API to a RESTful API was not a challenge at all.

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