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Reducing project delivery risk with a flexible integration tool.

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"Recursyv’s workbench enabled us to focus on the business requirements rather than the technical challenge of setting up an integration.” - David Goldstein, Practice Director - Digital Enablement

Verdant Services, a long time user of Autotask, is in the process of rolling out Microsoft Dynamics. Given the volume of data within Autotask, it was necessary to identify a solution which could sync data between Autotask and Dynamics. This would enable an initial migration to populate Dynamics and ongoing syncing to keep both systems up-to-date.


Verdant Seamless overview diagram
Overview of Seamless syncing Autotask and Dynamics


Supporting a SaaS software rollout

As a technically skilled organisation, Verdant wanted the ability to tweak the integration as requirements evolved. Additionally, Verdant wanted a tool that would handle significantly more complex integration scenarios than simply customer and account.

Verdant chose Recursyv Seamless based on the balancing the capability of the Seamless workbench and the ability for Recursyv to support more complex requirements with our own engineers.

Recursyv provided the standard sync templates for Autotask and Dynamics as well as training on the Seamless workbench. This enabled Verdant to build an initial sync profile – based on the template but customised for Verdant’s needs.


Seamless Workbench
Testing sync profiles in the Seamless Workbench

Once the initial requirement of Company and Contact sync had been met, Verdant engaged with Recursyv to build the more bespoke aspects of the integration, specifically syncing project information between the two systems.

The Seamless workbench enabled Verdant to take control of their integration and ensuring it meets evolving project requirements. Having a reliable and flexible integration solution took risk out of the Dynamics rollout project. This enabled the project team to focus on business requirements rather than the technical challenges of integration.


How does this integration support Verdant's project?

  Reduced risk in software delivery projects. Focus project time on addressing business requirements rather than technical challenges by using Seamless connectors to quickly setup initial sync scenarios.

  Using the Seamless workbench. The Seamless workbench, necessary only if you wish to customise your integration yourself, allows you to easily build and test different data filtering & data mapping scenarios between source and target system.

  Enables bi-directional sync of customer data. Updates made in either system are synchronised. Teams using either system are always working with the latest information.


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