Two teams, two systems, one data set

Sales and Support teams always working from the latest information.

Technica Solutions

Technica Solutions are a proactive IT solutions partner providing IT services provision to a range of organisations across many sectors.

“Using the Autotask connector meant we were able to accelerate delivery of additional applications into our business. We used our Autotask data as our initial data set and, after populating the new system, we now keep both systems in sync with each other using Recursyv’s Seamless. It’s great that we’re able to ensure our staff work on the most up-to-date information no matter which system they need to work on." - Craig Fisher, Director

Technica’s sales and support teams use different applications to do different jobs. Both teams need to see the latest data, and have the ability to update it as they learn of new information. Seamless is synchronising customer data between the support team (Autotask) and the sales team (Microsoft Dynamics).

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Seamless is an integration service that connects business applications.
New integrations can be setup within just a few days.

Reach out to us to discuss how we can use Seamless to integrate data within your business.

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