Comma separated value file.

Integration scope

Sync data to/from CSV files. As long as Seamless can access the file from the cloud, it can be setup to read from / update the file as required.


Notable features

According to Wikipedia, comma-separated values is a data format that pre-dates personal computers by more than a decade! The IBM Fortran (level H extended) compiler under OS/360 supported them in 1972. How ’bout that?



Keeping business in sync with Recursyv Seamless

Empower your users with the same information across all business applications. Recursyv Seamless makes it easy to share data across different teams using different software.

Seamless is an application integration service that makes it easy to connect different software applications. New integrations can be quickly setup using Recursyv’s growing library of application connectors. The Seamless foundation connectors (SOAP, RESTful) make it easy to use Seamless to connect to almost any bespoke application, either in the cloud or on-premise. Using Seamless reduces project delivery time and technical risk. The flexible nature of Seamless makes it easy to evolve integrations as business requirements evolve.

Seamless is provided as a managed service operated by Recursyv. The subscription fee covers access to all Recursyv connectors, pro-active monitoring and the ability to make reasonable configuration changes and support.