Hooray – we’re listed on AppSource!

We’re delighted to announce that Sales In-a-Box has been listed on Microsoft’s AppSource. You can now download a trial directly from AppSource and assess whether the simplicity of Sales In-a-Box will allow you to quickly deliver the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

You’ll need an environment to deploy into, but after that it is only a matter of clicking on Free Trial and the deploy will start. A few short minutes later, you’ll have Sales In-a-Box with a set of demonstrative sample data. Not long after that, we’ll reach out to you to discuss how it’s going and what your thoughts about the software are.


There are a few things to be mindful of

  • You will need an environment to deploy into. We would recommend a trial environment as the Sales In-a-Box trial includes sample data and we wouldn’t want that being deployed into your production (i.e. actual use) environment. If you like, we can arrange a trial environment for you.
  • In order to fully appreciate the simplicity of Sales In-a-Box there are some steps you may need to take after deploying the trial. These steps are largely about hiding some views and dashboards so that your user community are not overwhelmed with long lists of options. We’ve posted FAQs to help you through this process. Sadly there is no way to automate a deployment to do these steps. If you’re looking to get away from the boring admin stuff that comes with running software, we can help with that too. Please do reach out to us and we will help setup the trial. There may even be a pack of cookies headed your way.
  • The ultimate commercial relationship will be set up between yourselves and Recurysv. AppSource acts as a marketplace but does not do the contracting (in the way a mobile phone app store does).
  • In truth, the “few short minutes” mentioned when describing the deployment above will be ordinary length minutes of 60 seconds each. They will seem short because magic is happening in the cloud, but we wanted to come clean and point out that we are not actually bending time.


AppSource trial deployment
AppSource trial deployment


As you’d imagine, we’re really excited about this. It’s a big step in the evolution of Sales In-a-Box and our ability to share our vision of making work easier. We want to thank the Azure publishing team at Microsoft (especially Anu) for fielding dozens of questions in the past fortnight as we’ve progressed this. We’re sure at least two or three of those questions were good ones.

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