Partnering with Pixl8

Pixl8We’re delighted to announce a deep working partnership with Pixl8, one of the UK’s leading creative technical agencies. Pixl8 are digital solutions experts who have developed a powerful digital platform  which is tightly integrated with CRM solutions.

Pixl8 blend technology, know-how and creativity to support 100+ clients from the membership, charity and commercial sector to achieve their digital ambitions. Since 2001 the Pixl8 team have successfully delivered complex digital projects, from building and designing CRM integrated websites, to bespoke enterprise applications.

We have already seen the impact of combining our skills and experience as we’re working with Pixl8 across a number of engagements. Together, we have been connecting endpoints that include the Preside platform, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and bespoke mobile web apps.

Working with Pixl8

For Recursyv, working with Pixl8 allows us to further our ambition of keeping business in sync. The membership market space is well-served by a number of specialist agencies and partnership-led projects can bring both expertise and value to clients. Pixl8 have a deep understanding of the benefits of Seamless’ data sync architecture and working together allows us to deliver best-in-class solutions to Pixl8 projects. Working with Pixl8 brings both a creative and delivery focused team with a trusted technology platform.

Jon Littlechild, Recursyv Director of Engineering, says “The projects to date have been technically interesting and we’ve enjoyed syncing data into different endpoints. We’re looking forward to getting our teeth into even more unexpected corners of the cloud.”

Alex Skinner, one of Pixl8’s founders, adds

“At Pixl8, it’s vital for our clients to manage customer data robustly so they can deliver a highly personalised audience experience. Pixl8’s and Recursyv’s integration methodology is completely aligned. Our belief that integration should be founded on a data-contract with data synchronised with appropriate checks and balances is well delivered by the Seamless product.

Too many vendors regard APIs simply as a technical delivery but lack the maturity to deliver a bulletproof product. Our partnership with Recursyv provides a natural extension to our team and we are enjoying the breadth of projects we are jointly undertaking.”

Partnering with Recursyv

Recursyv run a partner programme with two different types of Seamless partners. Seamless Delivery Partners use Seamless to accelerate delivery of integrations within their own software delivery projects. Seamless Distributor Partners make Seamless available to a broader community of their own software partners through a distribution channel.

Software delivery partners work with us to reduce risk and complexity within their software projects. Delivery partners might be specialists in delivery of a particular vendor product suite or might be delivering wholly bespoke applications. In all case, delivery partners are using Seamless to accelerate integration development in way that provides flexible and scalable integrations.

Distribution partners work with us to provide access to Seamless within their own partner network. Distribution partners are using Seamless to provide a broader spectrum of options to help their distribution channels accelerate integration development in way that provides flexible and scalable integrations.

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