Seamless integration service

Seamless is an integration service that connects business applications. The most up-to-date information can be shared across the business ensuring that all staff use and update a common data set. New integrations can be setup within just a few weeks. The framework is hosted within Azure, taking advantage of Azure's resilience, security and flexibility.

Our first implementation connected Freshdesk to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and since then our library of connectors has grown to include many more applications. Connectors can be built by us or by your development team (against documented APIs for our service). At the moment, we've already built connectors for RESTful (JSON data) and SOAP (XML) scenarios.

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Dynamics 365 In-a-Box

We're building a growing series of Microsoft Dynamics 365 based products with the aim of getting your business (or team) working productively on Dynamics 365. We call then "In-a-Box" products as we want you to unwrap them, put them on their devices and begin using them with no fuss.

The products include pared down versions of the basic forms, straight-forward business processes, powerful dashboards and a limited amount of configuration to tailor the package. This reduces the considerable professional services costs associated with Dynamics 365 implementations as well as the time taken to get your user community productively working on the software.

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