How does Seamless keep business in sync?

Seamless is an integration service that keeps business in sync.

The most up-to-date information

By synchronising data between different systems, all users within the organisation are accessing the latest information. Something updated in one place is synchronised across all systems within seconds or minutes.

The Seamless config allows you to set data rules to meet your business' needs, such as how often to synchronise data and which system's data "wins" in the event that data is updated in both places.

Reduce development time and cost

Integrations are often the last great unknown within a software project. Using an integration service where the bulk of the development is already complete and ready-to-use means reducing development time and increasing certainty within your development estimates.

The ability to extend connector plugins means you can build on top of Seamless' foundation without having to rebuild any existing features. Focus on business requirements without having to worry about the underlying data marshalling, data management and infrastructure needs.

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Flexibility within your IT infrastructure

Seamless has been designed to be highly configurable service where changes can be effected quickly and easily. Changes can be made in real-time without bringing down your service.

Changes could be as a result of changing business requirements (data mappings, field lists, etc.), a growing infrastructure (new systems added to the integration, changes to the available computing power, etc.) or underlying configuration (connection details, encryption strings, synchronisation frequency, etc.).

Scalability and resilience

Seamless is built within Microsoft's Azure cloud. We're taking advantage of the industry leading investment in security and resilience that using a major cloud service provider gives us.

In terms of scalability, the available computing power to the service can be adjusted with the flick of a few onscreen switches. We're confident that base message count and initial sync frequency settings will suit most business requirements however, these are configurable and can be updated with little or no fuss. Recursyv will work with you to fine tune the various settings so that your business requirements are met without overloading the business applications within your integration.

In terms of resilience, Recursyv takes a backup of all configurations. In the unlikely event of an underlying Azure issue, Recursyv can quickly redeploy a service within a different Azure environment to reduce operational interruptions.


Existing development skills

Seamless is built using .NET. This industry standard platform has been chosen to ensure that many development teams are likely to have access to the skills required to extend the features of connector plugins.

The APIs are well documented allowing you to use core service features, extending the feature set with bespoke development only where the existing connectors don't meet a specific requirement. Additionally, the existing feature set can be extended allowing you to build specific features to your requirements without having to rebuild existing features.

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