Keeping enterprise master data in sync

Using Seamless to keep an application in sync with enterprise master data

Great data is at the heart of all organisations

In larger IT estates, there may be a semi-invisible flow of data that acts as the arterial system: an enterprise service bus. An enterprise service bus can take many shapes, but at is heart there is typically a core data set and, potentially, some business processes. Ideally these can be accessed by all systems in the IT estate - both to access and to update data.

Users of any individual system don't need or want to know how it is that they can rely on their data. They just know that they can.


Keeping enterprise master data in sync with Seamless

Seamless can be setup to sync applications with an enterprise service bus. Data within the application can update the enterprise's core data set and updates from the enterprise service bus can be synced into the application.

Seamless has the ability to transform data when it is being synced. Data going from an application to the enterprise service bus can be transformed to meet the service bus data standards. Data going from the service bus to an application can be transformed from the service bus standard to be structured in the application's data standard.

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