Smart Decisions

It’s 2020 and business is tough. The world is in a state of semi-lockdown and confusion and making decisions is hard. In these sorts of times decisions need to be smart and targeted, and often no decision can be as detrimental as a bad one. Sales performance and forecast, forward order book, customer health and staffing are all critical factors in enabling business leaders to make decisions and make them considered.

Decisions made based on good data have been demonstrated time and again to have greater long term benefits that those made on gut instinct. In a data vacuum instinct is all you have and integration is a vital tool in eliminating those data vacuums.

Recursyv are helping Core to further improve accuracy of data across the business, and provide management information reporting to their senior management team (SMT). Core, like almost every business, have a number of systems serving different functions; CRM, finance, professional service management, helpdesk and HR just for starters. And also like almost every business, Core found that making data based decisions using the information in those separate systems was difficult and time consuming.

As Core’s integration partner of choice, they asked Recursyv to help bring those data together into one single standardised view. Recursyv’s platform is pulling data from those sources into a single cloud database to enable fast and reliable reporting, proving a single view on Core’s business. Information is now at the SMT’s fingertips enabling them to make smart data driven decisions.

Additionally, some of that information is being fed out to other systems in the ecosystem, meaning that manual data entry and its associated error proneness has been reduced and those previously disconnected systems are being kept seamlessly up-to-date.

The integration went live a couple of weeks ago and the SMT are already benefitting from great, up-to-date and reliable information.

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