Speeding up Dynamics 365 integrations


Recursyv are delighted to announce updates to our connector for Dynamics 365. A round of recent projects has allowed us to introduce new features.

Updated connectors and templates are immediately available to existing customers at no additional cost.

Dynamics 365 connector updates

  • Significant performance improvements. We made some changes to message handling to improve both the polling of data from Dynamics and the writing of data into Dynamics. In our internal testing, integrations run approx. 8x faster.
  • The connector can handle additional data types, specifically images and multi-select option sets.
  • The connector can now reopen closed records. This is particularly useful when syncing tickets from other ticketing applications where there are different rules being applied about open/closed records. The connector can now re-open, update and re-close all record types, including case records.


The Dynamics 365 endpoint reference can be found here.

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