Recursyv releases template for syncing Autotask & Jira Service Desk ticketing applications

Autotask Jira Service Desk

Recursyv’s Autotask <-> Jira Service Desk sync solution is now listed in Datto’s integration library. The solution enables integrated service management by keeping tickets in sync between Autotask and Jira Service Desk.

This sync solution brings a template and associated business rules to Recursyv’s existing connectors for both Autotask and Jira Service Desk. Rolling out a standard sync can be achieved in a just a few hours and adding requirements specific to any individual project can be quickly added into the sync design. Common examples of additional requirements include adding custom fields, mapping of ticket assignment queues, mapping of ticket status values, etc.

“Using the Autotask connector meant we were able to accelerate delivery of additional applications into our business.”

Craig Fisher, Director, Technica Solutions

What does this mean for users?

Autotask and Jira Service Desk users can quickly rollout a system-to-system integration across these two industry-leading support desk platforms. The format of the sync is documented and can be quickly extended/changed to meet specific requirements.

Additionally, the use of the Seamless platform means that you can extend the scope of the sync beyond these two systems into a massive range of SaaS applications.

Why would you need to sync data between two different support desk systems?

There are a number of scenarios where it will be beneficial to keep data in sync between two such systems.

Between different organisations

Recursyv’s Seamless integration service can be used to enable organisations to introduce Service Integration & Management (SIAM) / Multi-supplier Integration (MSI) architectures. Recursyv’s growing library of support desk integrations are part of a broader offering to enable SIAM/MSI, allowing organisations to quickly focus on business and process aspects.

In a multi-organisation scenario, there may be a client / supplier relationship where tickets need to be handed-off between the two helpdesks to ensure that SLAs are maintained. Additionally, the abitlity to keep tickets in sync across support desks may be an enabler for a broader SIAM/MSI initiative.

Within a single organisation

Within a single organisation, there may be multiple support desks support different business units / support teams. There also may be different support teams as a result of merger/acquisition acrivity.

It may also be that a sync is temporary while one system is being introduced to replace another.


Editorial notes

Recursyv Seamless

Recursyv Seamless is an application integration service that makes it easy to connect different software applications. Use Seamless to empower your users with the best information in the right application at the point of need. Seamless makes it easy to setup new integrations using a growing collection of app connectors. Seamless is provided as a managed service operated by Recursyv.


Datto Autotask PSA is a complete IT business management platform that delivers all of the mission-critical tools needed to run an IT managed services business. It includes service desk, project management, account management, time tracking and billing, contracts, resource management, inventory and procurement, and reporting. In addition, 170+ industry-leading vendors choose to integrate their business-critical applications with Autotask PSA to further simplify workflows. It’s a reliable cloud-based platform with 99.99% uptime that centralizes business operations and enables quick, data-driven decisions.

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a help desk request tracker brought to you by Atlassian. With Jira Service Desk, you can easily receive, track, manage, and resolve requests from your team’s customers. Customers can send requests by email, a customizable help center, and an embeddable widget. Jira Service Desk organizes and prioritizes these requests in a single place, and keeps your team on track with goals (or service level agreements).

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