A range of global businesses trust Seamless to keep their business in sync

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Quickly connect different software applications using Recursyv Seamless

Synchronise data across different applications within your organisation to ensure all users have access to the latest information.

Use our library of application plugins to quickly connect many popular cloud apps. Or build on our foundation plugins to connect with common API types.

Connect with suppliers, customers or other data sources to speed up business processes or inform better decisions with additional information.

Rely on proactive monitoring to ensure that you're never surprised by data that is out-of-sync.

Our community of partners use Seamless to quickly rollout flexible and scalable integrations.

Seamless is operated within Microsoft's Azure cloud. Data in transit and service configuration information are separately encrypted.

Seamless – Managed integration Platform as a Service (MiPaaS)

Recursyv provide a fully Managed Integration Service to customers across all business verticals and geographies. Our solution, Seamless, ensures data is visible and usable in all your apps, be they Cloud or on premise.

Based on a resilient Enterprise architecture, deployed in multiple datacentres globally, Seamless can be deployed to connect one or many apps. We design and build each integration to meet your exact requirements, negating the need for you to learn any new systems, possess coding skills or use any of your own valuable resources.

Our agile team obsess about integration and will have your data synchronising in hours/days not weeks/months as can be the norm.

Our growing library of pre-defined templates can be used as a basis for your integration. We can connect any app, agnostic of API type, including internally written bespoke apps.

Recursyv provide all of the implementation and management services including daily usage reports to every client. With our “set and forget” Managed Integration Service, your data will always be in the right app at the right time, reducing data entry, providing greater visibility of critical information and lessening the burden on your IT Teams.

If you have any queries, a member of our team is always available to discuss your requirements in more detail. Please feel free to get in contact via phone or via our trial or more information forms.
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