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Pricing Guide

All of our pricing plans have a small set-up cost and a fixed monthly fee, which covers pro-active monitoring, reactive support and minor adjustments. The cost varies depending on the applications that are integrated and the frequency of data sync.

  • Recursyv Accelerate is our offering for MSPs looking to sync any two applications on our accelerate program list at a fixed frequency.
  • Standard plans are for any application-to-application integrations that need to sync from every hour to every two minutes.
  • Bespoke plans are for where more than two applications need to be integrated, or where extremely high or low volumes of data need to be synced.

See the details below on each plan or contact our sales team to find out what plan best suits your integration needs.

Our Accelerate program is perfect for MSPs and IT Service Providers who need to connect two of the below systems together. The program syncs the support ticket, ticket note, attachment, MSP assigned agent, end user agent and end user contact every 5 minutes. Ideal for:

  • Synchronising critical data between applications ensuring visibility of the latest information to all users.
  • Reducing time to ticket resolution and ensure SLA compliance.
  • Situations that need a reliable solution that is fully hosted & managed solution in a relevant local datacenter
  • Providers who do not want to install or configure new infrastructure.
Applications in the Accelerate Program


POAPlease enquire
Integrate two of the applications in the Accelerate program based on popular templates used for Service Desk Integrations


From $600per month
Integrate any two applications and sync data from every day to every 2 minutes.


POAPlease enquire
Integrate any two or more applications and sync data as often as required. Can accomodate very high or low data volumes.


Sometimes integrations need to be between more than two systems. Recursvy can connect multiple systems together for you and sync the data as often as needed. 
Bespoke pricing can also be agreed for data syncs where extremely high or low data volumes are being passed across. 


Price on application
Frequency as Required
Telephone & Email Support
Daily Reporting
Suitable for extremely high or low data volumes

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