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Building Integration Excellence

Since our establishment in 2016, Recursyv has been at the forefront of global integration development. We proudly introduced our proprietary Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Managed solution, now operating in Microsoft data centres worldwide.

Our mission is to collaborate with clients and partners to craft innovative solutions, seamlessly connecting a diverse array of software components across various lines of business.

Experience You can Trust

With over 50 years of collective expertise in software research, development, and engineering, our team has been instrumental in reshaping application integration.

We specialise in empowering organizations to optimize their technology investments, streamline internal workflows, and offer essential data visibility. Our solutions bridge the gap horizontally, connecting back office to front office teams, and vertically, linking management with support staff.

Our Unique Capabilities

Recursyv stands out due to our exceptional proficiency in creating and leveraging APIs and direct access through the Recursyv Platform.

This distinctive advantage positions us uniquely to develop solutions that bridge the gaps between commercial, bespoke, proprietary, and legacy applications and data stores. The results are manifold, encompassing:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Real-time data Visibility & accuracy
  • Cost savings
  • Elimination of the “swivel chair interface” problem
  • Optimized business processes
  • Elevated customer experiences
  • Reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR) of internal and customer issues, particularly in the MSP sector
  • Security & compliance
  • Reporting and analytics

Our Track Record

Over the past seven years, we have consistently launched an average of over 40 application connectors annually, propelling the potential for seamless software interactions across various industries, including retail, technology, property, travel, and sports.

Connect with Us

Discover how Recursyv’s development services have elevated integration capabilities for organizations like yours. Explore the power of the Recursyv platform. Get in touch with our expert team to embark on your journey towards seamless integration.

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