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Data integration is about making people more effective

Most enterprises use dozens and dozens of different applications, focused on different purposes. Employees will have to login to a wide range of different applications every day just to get their jobs done. Data sits in different systems and employees often have to refer to multiple systems just to get one thing done. All of this results in lost time, inefficiency and poorly informed decisions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Connecting different business applications with Recursyv is about putting great quality information in front of employees where and when they need it.

Recursyv was born out of the frustrations of many hundreds of software projects

Recursyv’s founding team were tired of integration being the hardest part of rolling out new software. Software should be all about getting great new capabilities in front of employees. Our founders grew frustrated that so many projects got stuck in the technical complexities of how to embed new software into an existing business.

Integrations are often the highest risk aspects of new software implementations. There is a need to bridge different technology stacks and translate data into different formats. And once the integration is built, someone needs to ensure that it keeps running – no matter what. It also needs to be flexible enough to change as the business grows and evolves.

Recursyv is about making data integration easy

APIs, technology stacks, different SaaS apps, sync monitoring – we want to make this easy for you so you can focus on your business. Recursyv is all about quickly rolling out flexible data integrations that can be setup to meet the needs of your business now and can be easily adapted as your business evolves.

Your employees should be able to use a limited number of applications focused on specific business needs. Data within each application should be trustworthy and reflect the most recent thing that your organisation knows.

Using Recursyv is about making your people more effective.

Founded in 2016

Recursyv’s service has been synchronising data since 2016, with uptime of over 99.9%.

Global Reach

Synchronise data anywhere in the world using global resources to provide efficiency and resilience.

It Just Syncs

Years of experience means we know how to make integration work.

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