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Integration Specialists for IT Service Providers

As integration specialists we can support you to connect your systems no matter what systems they are or your location. Our solution ensures data is visible and usable in all your apps, be they cloud or on premise.

Based on a resilient enterprise architecture, deployed in multiple datacentres globally, our integrations can be deployed to connect multiple instances of one system or many. We design and build each integration to meet your exact requirements, negating the need for you to learn any new systems, possess coding skills or use any of your own valuable resources.

Our connectors

How it Works

Our integration specialists have built hundreds of integrations to-date. When we know what systems you need to connect we will:

  • Check our library for an existing integration that we can use to accelerate your build.
  • Map out all fields that are needed to be synchronised.
  • Pick the appropriate API connector to work with (RESTful, SOAP etc.).
  • Build the integration and work with you to test it.
  • Pro-actively monitor and provide support during the lifetime of your integration.

We’re always growing our library of connectors for popular cloud applications. This means that sometimes it only takes a few days to get your systems syncing. 

Why choose our integration specialists?

The Recursyv Service

Our agile team obsess about integration and will have your data synchronising in days/weeks rather than months as can be the norm. As integration specialists who primarily work with IT Service Providers and MSPs, we understand that properly synced information is critical to good service delivery. We provide a full implementation and management service that includes:

  • Design and build of your system integrations.
  • Provisioning and management of servers in the right geography.
  • Support during testing the integration.
  • Ongoing monitoring for ensured data delivery with daily usage reports.
  • A support team for any queries and minor tweaks.

With our “set and forget” service, your data will always be in the right place at the right time, reducing data entry, providing greater visibility of critical information and lessening the burden on your IT Teams.

Cloud Hosted

You don't need any additional IT infrastructure to integrate your applications.

Any Application

We can connect any cloud based, on-premise, legacy & bespoke applications.

Proactive Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of service health and connectivity by our integration specialists.

Enterprise Class

Full resilience with globally distributed data centres.

Fully Managed

Recursyv provide all of the implementation and ongoing change request services.

Highly Secure

All data is encrypted and no data is held at rest.

Trusted Integration Specialists

Our Integration Specialities