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Seamless has been listed in the Autotask integration library

Recursyv listing

Recursyv’s Autotask <-> Dynamics 365 Seamless integration template is now listed in Autotask’s integration library. The integration template integrates Autotask and Dynamics 365 based on pre-configured data mappings. The integration template includes (1) bi-directional sync of Accounts and Contacts and, optionally, (2) Autotask –> Dynamics sync of tickets.

For more complex requirements, the Autotask connector plugin is able to connect Autotask to Seamless and, from there, to integrate it to any system using Seamless.

“Using the Autotask connector meant we were able to accelerate delivery of additional applications into our business. We used our Autotask data as our initial data set and, after populating the new system, we now keep both systems in sync with each other using Recursyv’s Seamless. It’s great that we’re able to ensure our staff work on the most up-to-date information no matter which system they need to work on.” – Craig Fisher, Director, Technica Solutions

Templated or bespoke?

The integration template listed by Autotask’s includes (1) bi-directional sync of Accounts and Contacts and, optionally, (2) Autotask –> Dynamics sync of tickets. This approach enables businesses using Dynamics for CRM to ensure that customer data is kept in-sync across both systems as well as providing Autotask ticket information as reference data within Dynamics.

Recursyv recognise that different helpdesk operations have different approaches to incident resolution, workflows and queuing. Building an implied operational structure into the template seemed like we’d be making the template harder to use rather than easier to use.

As the integration template uses the Recursyv connector plugins for Autotask and Dynamics 365, all the flexibility of these plugins remains. Users of the integration template can easily extend their use of Seamless to include additional data types (e.g. Autotask Projects), additional list values and/or bi-directional syncing of ticket information.

If you need to sync ticket information bi-directionally, or want to introduce other data types, please reach out to us and we can discuss how to set these up as part of implementing your integration.

Using the Seamless integration solution

The Autotask connector plugin is already live in implementations connecting Dynamics to Autotask. The integration template listed in the Autotask library specifically focuses on connecting Autotask to Dynamics 365. The Seamless Autotask plugin can also be used to connect Autotask to any system using the Seamless platform.

Using the connector plugin requires subscribing to a Seamless integration and choosing to integrate to Autotask. Integrations can be configured by Recursyv or your own development team (using tooling provided by Recursyv).

Recursyv Seamless

Recursyv focuses on making application integration easy to setup and easy to operate. Recursyv’s first integration went live in early 2017 and, since then, a growing number of companies are relying on Recursyv’s Seamless integration solution to keep applications in sync.

Seamless is an application integration service that makes it easy to connect different software applications. New integrations can be quickly setup using Recursyv’s growing library of application connectors. Foundation connectors (SOAP, RESTful) are available to integrate with bespoke applications, either in the cloud or on-premise.

Seamless is provided as a managed service operated by Recursyv. The subscription fee covers access to all Recursyv connectors, pro-active monitoring, the ability to make reasonable configuration changes and support.

[icon name=”phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  If you’re looking to integrate Autotask with Dynamics, or any other application, please reach out and discuss with us how we can address this, quickly and affordably.

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