Jon is shaking his head in disbelief

We recently attended Future Decoded, Microsoft’s “what’s coming in the tech world” trade show (always interesting, worth a visit if you have the chance). Last year we attended with a head full of ideas but very little to say about Recursyv and what we were doing. This year, we arrived having brought a software service to market and proved its initial commercial viability. It was quite exciting to arrive with something more to say.

However, this story is not about software at all. Last year David managed to win a Surface Book, a lovely Microsoft laptop that has all the bells and whistles one might want. So, tongue in cheek, Jon tells David to not come home without either some winnings or a Purchase Order for new work. (Apparently trade shows are not all about the swag, although we can conclusively report that not a single fidget spinner was on offer).

Around 16h30 David is headed home, on the phone to Jon talking through the news of the day and he is interrupted by a call from the guys at K2 … “You’ve won a Star Wars toy, please come down to the stand for a photo and presentation”. Sadly, he’d already left Excel and wasn’t able to head to the stand to pick up the prize. Needless to say, we had a good laugh about that, what are the odds that you’d win prizes two years in a row?

A few hours later, an email comes in … “It’s the marketing team from Citrix here, you’ve won a Bluetooth speaker, please could we get an address to send it to.”  The speaker is sitting on the desk and Jon has his head in his hands.


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We’re going undercover

In response to suggesting we’re “going undercover to focus on product build”, a former colleague and dedicated jpg prankster has helpfully updated our profile pics.


Groucho JonGinger Groucho David


Sadly, it’s probably an improvement.