Expanding our global reach

We’re delighted to announce the addition of new Distributors and a new Delivery Partner to our Partner Programme.

South Africa


Prodata is a leading Value Added Distributor of specialised hardware and software solutions across the African Continent. We’ll be working with Prodata in South Africa to distribute into their client base across the African continent.

Empresa Brasileira de soluções baseada em tecnologias inovadoras, metodologias e processos para garantir a continuidade e crescimento dos negócios de nossos clientes com rentabilidade, segurança e governança.


Nnovax Technology


We are very happy and honored with our new partnership with Recursyv.

Our company is focused on complete solutions for our customers, and together we can offers new innovative possibilities of real importance to our customers in Brazil, which as we know it is a very competitive market and difficult to conquer. But we are confident that we will be able to overcome all challenges and establish Recursyv’s brand as a key to innovative integration in our region.



Software Products Italia (SOFTPI) opera fin dal 1990 come distributore a valore aggiunto (VAD) nel mercato ICT con un portfolio di prodotti leader nel settore dei database, degli ambienti di sviluppo, dell’integrazione, della business intelligence e dello storage management.

Partnering with Recursyv

Recursyv run a partner programme with two different types of Seamless partners. Seamless Delivery Partners use Seamless to accelerate delivery of integrations within their own software delivery projects. Seamless Distributor Partners make Seamless available to a broader community of their own software partners through a distribution channel.

Software delivery partners work with us to reduce risk and complexity within their software projects. Delivery partners might be specialists in delivery of a particular vendor product suite or might be delivering wholly bespoke applications. In all case, delivery partners are using Seamless to accelerate integration development in way that provides flexible and scalable integrations.

Distribution partners work with us to provide access to Seamless within their own partner network. Distribution partners are using Seamless to provide a broader spectrum of options to help their distribution channels accelerate integration development in way that provides flexible and scalable integrations.


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