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Managed Integration Services

Recursyv is a fully Managed Integration Service that is industry, application and geographically agnostic. Our solution ensures data is visible and useable in all your apps, be they new, old, on premise or in the Cloud. 

Based on a resilient Enterprise architecture, deployed in multiple datacentres globally, Recursyv can be seamlessly deployed to connect one or many apps. We design and build each integration to meet your exact requirements, negating the need for you to learn any new systems, possess coding skills or use any of your own valuable resources.

Our agile team obsess about integration and will have your data synchronising in hours/days not weeks/months as can be the norm.

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Featured Integrations

Freshdesk to Datto Autotask PSA

Datto Autotask PSA to ServiceNow

Freshdesk to Dynamics 365

Datto Autotask PSA to Dynamics 365

Why Recursyv

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Specific Use Cases

Recursyv keeps a variety of applications and application types connected, ensuring that users share and collaborate on the same information while remaining in the applications they know and use every day.  We have extensive experience working with service desks, CRMs, marketing platforms, accounting and ERP systems, data warehouses, relational databases and bespoke applications.

Service Desk to Service Desk

Keep service desk systems in sync so that different support teams can work and monitor the same set of tickets without having to switch applications.

CRM to Service Desk

Keep your service desk and CRM synchronised so that sales know what’s going on with your customers.


Bring a customer base or sales pipeline together into one CRM by keeping multiple CRM applications synchronised.

Professional Services Automation (PSA) to Accounting / ERP

Budgets and billing are the life blood of any professional services organisation. Keep your PSA solution in sync with your billing platform to ensure your invoicing is efficient and correct.

BI / Data Warehouse

BI and data warehouse platforms are only as good as the information you feed in and out of them. Feed your BI platform with vital data, or integrate your applications with your data warehouse.

Bespoke Applications

Bespoke applications very often become entrenched in a business and cannot be replaced whilst the data they contain is critical and central the operation of the entire business. Integrate those bespoke applications with other platforms to get the maximum value from them.


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Finalists in two categories for the Lloyds National Business Awards

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