Autotask - Dynamics 365 projects integration

Accounts, Contacts, Autotask Projects

Dynamics 365

  • Autotask Resources (ensuring that not every Autotask user requires a Dynamics license)
  • Accounts & Contacts (bi-directionally)
  • Projects (one way from Autotask to Dynamics, provide project information to Sales teams)
Integration notes

The synchronisation options allow you to quickly deploy different levels of synchronisation between Autotask and Dynamics. This allows you to address different business scenarios.

  • Accounts & Contacts allows you to keep customer master data up-to-date in both systems. Updates made in one system will synchronise to the other. This allows different teams (e.g. a helpdesk team and a sales team) who are using different systems work off an up-to-date data set.
  • Autotask -> Dynamics Projects sync provides a reference view of Autotask projects within Dynamics. This does not require Dynamics PSA features to work. Updates to projects need to be made at source (i.e. within Autotask).


Service guide

Information on field mappings and any pre-requisites required to implement integration.


Known issues



Case studies

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