Connect business applications, Seamlessly
System sync
Seamless connects business applications
The most up-to-date information is shared across the business.
Everyone uses and updates the same core data set.
New integrations can be setup within just a few weeks.
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How does Seamless make work easier?

Ensures that the most up-to-date information is available for users across all IT systems
Significantly reduces development time and cost for integrations within software projects
Increases flexibility within your IT infrastructure
Increases resilience within your IT infrastructure
Introduces real-time scalability
Take advantage of existing development skills to quickly build and deploy additional integrations

Why would I use Seamless in my business?

There are more possibilities for ways to connect business systems than there are chocolate chip cookies in the world. These are just some ideas.

Sharing helpdesk tickets from your support system to your CRM system
Aligning customer information across multiple customer-facing systems
Aligning customer records across your finance system and your CRM system
Aggregating information and updating reporting systems
Aligning records from your recruitment system to your HR/personnel system

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What does the Seamless service include?

Seamless is provided as a managed service operated by Recursyv.

Access to a cloud hosted integration service to connect your business applications
Ongoing monitoring of service health and connectivity with proactive reporting of issues
Use of any plugin within Recursyv's connector plugin library
Ability to develop custom connector plugins, or extend the feature set of existing plugins
Separate encryption of data in transit and of configuration information
Access to a test service

How are other people using Seamless?

Seamless is helping our customers synchronise data across many different systems.
The systems shown here are just some examples of connector plugins already available.

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