Rolling out the big guns – SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle

The initial development of Seamless focused on ensuring we could support clients and opportunities that we were, at the time, working on. That quickly resulted in connector plugins for Microsoft Dynamics, Freshdesk, Autotask, Hoopla and SharePoint lists. As these have been stable and in use for a while now, this has given us the chance to focus on building connector plugins for more popular enterprise-grade tools.

That left us with an interesting choice … what next? We decided we’d focus on a handful of widely used applications which are deployed in thousands of different ways at organisations across the globe: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. We’re delighted to announce these are now built, tested and hungry for data.


Seamless wall of fame May 2017


These plugins are all configurable, offering the best mix of rapid deployment and ability to control and extend the plugin’s work to meet the requirement at hand.

  • Configure mappings (i.e. fields to integrate) using XML to identify relevant tables and fields
  • Extend the feature set of these plugins using .Net to code extensions which are deployed on top of the existing plugins (i.e. you are not constrained by the limitations of any given plugin)


[icon name=”phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  If you have an integration need for any of these technologies, please reach out and discuss with us how we can address this, quickly and affordably.

[icon name=”exchange” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  More information on Seamless can be found here.

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