We’re better together – the Seamless partner programme

PartnersOver the past few months, we’ve hinted at some of the tooling we’ve been working on for partners. In the last post, we shared some details of our integration workbench. This work has been part of a broader approach to build a partner community around Seamless so that we can help more people connect more applications more quickly.We’re delighted that to formally launch our partner programme for software delivery partners and distribution partners.

What is a software delivery partner?

Software delivery partners are companies who are delivering applications into their client base. They’ll be using Seamless to include integrations on a low risk, low cost basis within their projects. These applications could be using an off-the-shelf application – e.g. a Microsoft Dynamics partner – or they could be wholly bespoke applications which need to connect into existing infrastructure.

Our launch partners are Preact, a well known and long-standing Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner and Trillium, a market leader in digital transformation for membership and charity organisations. Over the past few months we’ve gotten to know the leadership teams at both companies and we’re delighted to be working with them.

What is a distribution partner?

Distribution partners are companies who specialise in software reselling. They provide insight to purchasers on software selection and maximising the value on license spend. We’ll be looking to support software distributors and resellers provide a low risk, lost cost integration option into their distribution networks.

Our launch partner is Grey Matter. Grey Matter have a 35 year history of providing independent and trusted software advice. We’re delighted to be working with Grey Matter in the UK and Ireland markets.

Grey Matter

How will Recursyv support our partner network?

Recursyv will provide a host of services to partners to make rolling out Seamless integrations quick, easy and efficient.


  • Revenue share – Subscription revenue is shared with partners over the life of the subscription.
  • Additional revenue opportunities – Delivery of integrations may require development of bespoke connectors or configuration of complex integrations using the Seamless workbench. This creates potential for professional services revenue which can be delivered by those partners who have the technical capacity and choose to do so.
  • Marketing – Recursyv will develop various joint marketing activities.


  • Tooling – The Seamless integration workbench and connector plugin SDK.
  • Training – Recursyv will deliver technical training on the integration workbench and on connector plugin development. There will probably be chocolate chip cookies involved.
  • Connectors –  Partners will have access to all connector plugins in the Seamless plugin library. This includes foundation connectors, application connectors and platform connectors.

And operationally …

  • Support – Recursyv will provide second or third line support to partners (as appropriate) to troubleshoot any integration issues

And – of course – Recursyv will operate the live instances of Seamless and provide the proactive monitoring that comes with operating Seamless as a managed service.

What’s next?

Our Sales team, led by Andy, is working to grow our partner community – both software delivery partners and distribution partners. If your organisation wants to deliver low risk, low cost integrations, please reach out to us.

Our Engineering team, led by Jon, is working to extend the partner tooling. The tooling will grow to give partners more technical flexibility in deploying and managing larger numbers of integrations. There’s some more exciting news in this space to come.

Our Marketing team, led by David, is delighted to have written another blog post and is going to have a cup of tea. And probably a biscuit.

[icon name=”users” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Click here to read more about our partner programme.

[icon name=”users” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Click here to enjoy Recursyv Seamless: Make data islands a think of the past, a lovely online presentation which gives a brief overview of partnering to deliver integrations.

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