Custom Integrations for
Bespoke Applications

It’s a very common scenario for bespoke applications to be created within a business to solve a very specific and niche problem. Over time these applications become engrained in the fabric of the business and people rely on the functionality they provide and the data they hold.

Over time other requirements arise and third party platforms are implemented: CRMs, service desks, accounting solutions for example.  In order to maximise the value from these vendor platforms, it’s essential to keep them in sync with the bespoke application and data that’s at the heart of the business.

Recursyv can create custom integrations for any bespoke business application to any third party system. Keep your information in sync with different business units or customers as often as necessary, with no new infrastructure required.

Custom integrations with Recursyv

Recursyv supports custom integrations for bespoke applications and can integrate them with any third party system.  We have built numerous integrations for home-grown solutions and mapped the data in them to and from external services.  Connectors can usually be created in a matter of a few days and we can be synchronising data very soon after. No new infrastructure will be needed for the integration as it will be built on the Recursyv Azure estate.

Typical data syncs include support tickets, customers and operational data such as orders, consumption and billing.  Data can be synced as often as required.

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