CRM to CRM Integrations

CRM to CRM integrations are hard to get right with off-the-shelf connectors. But sometimes it’s necessary to run multiple CRM solutions, such as across different business units, or during the process of moving from one to another. If you need to keep two or more CRM systems synchronised, then Recursyv can help.

Having one view of your sales pipeline, your customer base and their order history is essential to good forecasting and customer engagement. If you have multiple CRM solutions, maybe through acquisition or simply because you’re phasing one out and a new one in, then Recursyv can help you achieve that single customer view.

Recursyv’s team have a long history in the CRM space and know how CRMs work. A common integration scenario for us; we have the experience and knowledge to bring the systems together in a workable and efficient way.

Typical data syncs include customers, order history and sales pipeline. Our team can help you determine what entities are best to sync for your CRM to CRM integration.

Why Recursyv for CRM to CRM Integrations?