Service Desk to CRM Integrations

CRM to service desk integrations are key to ensuring that your sales and account management teams can gauge the health of your customers, know when there’s a problem and how it’s being handled.

Keeping your service desk and sales teams in sync through Customer Relationship Management integration gives everyone direct visibility of what your customers are experiencing. Our customer service solutions help stop those awkward phone calls and allows account management to be more proactive and productive.

Also keeping the CRM’s customer list in sync with your service desk allows the support team to know who’s calling and keep everyone’s contact details up to date. Customer Service platform integration across your business means this only needs doing once.

CRM to Service Desk Integration as a Service

Whether you are looking for greater customer support automation, to fully sync CRM data or for a better way of connecting business applications, the team at Recursyv can help you with the following and more. 

  • Service Desk integrations with Dynamics 365, SalesForce, ZenDesk or any other popular CRM
  • CRM integration automation
  • CRM integration for data services or data warehousing

Recursyv enables organisations to seamlessly join any applications with enterprise resiliency and full configurability. Our expertise in application integration means we make data visible and usable in all your systems from your oldest on-premises platform to the newest cloud-based apps.

Typical data syncs include everything service and sales functions might need to operate smoothly such as customer contact details, purchase history, service tickets, ticket notes/conversations and attachments. We can help with data unification at scale too.

If you have a service desk to CRM integration you are looking for help with, Recursyv’s knowledge and experience will ensure smooth and efficient design and execution phases of activity. We work with small businesses right through to enterprises across all industry sectors and geographies. We understand every business is different and has differing needs.

The Recursyv Approach

Our approach to all our work focuses on efficiently bridging different technology stacks and translating data into different formats so you don’t have to worry about the details.

Once any solution is built, someone needs to ensure that it keeps running – no matter what. It also needs to be flexible enough to change as the business grows and evolves. Recursyv succeeds by forming ongoing partnerships with our clients so you, should you work with us, can enjoy support over the long term.

Start your journey towards more effective delivery by contacting us about your next project. We would be delighted to discuss how we can help.

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